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Our Journey Small To Large 

Apsara Tea has an incredible journey in past 50+ years. Established by Late Mr. Surajmal Jain in 1964 in Indore, he first owned a tea canteen in Mumbai. He formed the brand name Apsara from his favorite theatre Apsara Talkies in Mumbai. With the growing market, market demands as well as innovation & development in the field, our offered products kept getting popular. The customers recognize us for not only our qualitative products but, also for the honesty, transparency and understanding of their expectations & needs. We always remember the good words said by our founder like Keep your eyes on customers heart not on their pockets. And that is how, we have created our place in this competitive domain and, served effectively in shaping the Tea market in India.

Our Services

We are a liable source of original beverage which has pure taste. With a mission to meet utmost customers satisfaction, we provide various services that enable us to become more resourceful for them. Our company offers top quality of premium packaging on our offered range of Instant Tea Premix, Chocolate Tea, Black Tea, Tea Masala, Green Tea, Apsara Tea, Herbal Darjeeling Tea, Natural Ice Tea and Instant Coffee Premix. The shipment of each small or large amount of order is always completed within stipulated time frame. Our inbound & outbound actions are driven in fully customer-oriented manner.

Apsara Tea Facts
  • Recent scientific studies shown that with the consumption of one or two cups of tea per day fertility might be promoted by stopping the abnormalities our chromosomes. In a test, around 250 women drank as little as half cups of tea per day and, their pregnancy rates were twice to those who didn't.
  • Studies in Netherlands shown that those who consumes Black Tea have reduced ischemic heart diseases as this tea helps when arteries become clogged and are unable to work properly because of constriction.
  • When mixed with milk, tea can offer an array of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B6, calcium, Thiamin B1, Riboflavin B2, manganese for bone growth and repair, and potassium which is important for neuron and brain function.
  • Tea reduced total cholesterol levels, although HDL cholesterol (or good cholesterol) levels, depleted by high fat diets recovered only with the consumption of HGN (high grown new) tea.
  • Phytochemicals and Flavonoids are natural antioxidants in tea, making a cup of tea equivalent to a serving of vegetables in antioxidant potential.
  • Tea do not have any effect on triglyceride levels.
  • Green and black teas are from the same plant, Camelia sinensis, and contain similar amounts of caffeine and antioxidants.
  • Tea is a natural source of fluoride and drinking four cups makes a significant contribution to your daily intake.
  • The average cup of tea contains less than half the level of caffeine than coffee. It is 50mg per 190ml cup.
  • Caffeine is known to stimulate the respiration as well as central nervous system.
  • A single cup of tea acquires 1000 ppm of Poly phenol and, it has potential of suppressing the excessive rise of cholesterol inhibiting hypertension, keeping intestines in good condition, reducing glucose levels in blood, etc.
Business Partners &Clients

In our well-recognizable services since 1964, we have developed strong partnership with renowned firms such as Amazon, Walmart, Metro Cash & Carry India, ITC Limited, ebay, Flipkart, Cloudtail, Big basket, Ondoor and Pakiza. And, the list of our respectful clients goes with names such as Allen Career Institute, Sonic Biochem, Uniinfo, Lotus and Vijayshri. All we seek for is to make our relations with our partners and clients much stronger, transparent & trustful with time.